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Friday, June 27, 2008


Devo played a fantastic headlining show at McCarren Pool last night, showing us (and Elijah Wood, who was in the audience) that they haven't lost their punk edge with age. They ripped through all the classics, including "Whip It", "Gates of Steel", "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", "Mongoloid", "Girl U Want", and "Freedom of Choice". At one point, lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh marched around the stage tearing pieces of his bandmates costumes off in what led to a steady "stripping down" metaphor that carried on throughout the set. Devo closed out the show with a rousing version of my personal fave, "Gut Feeling".



Tom Tom Club was a lot of fun as well, serving up their unique brand of art funk. Tina Weymouth was in good spirits, entertaining the crowd with her dry humor in between songs, like dedicating the track "She's Dangerous" to Condoleezza Rice. Other highlights of the set were "The Man With the Four Way Hips", "Wordy Rappinghood", and the timeless classic "Genius of Love".

-Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz


Dan Deacon kicked off the early show with his interactive performance style that had everyone doing a tag-team circle before forming human tunnels around the pool. Deacon is a character and his live shows never fail to entertain, whether you like it or not. The man is hysterical.

-all photos by Scot Bowman

Thursday, June 26, 2008

MADONNA - 'Give It 2 Me'

Okay, so in my opinion this single was the wrong choice for a follow-up to "4 Minutes". I would have chose "Beat Goes On" or "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You". Not to say "Give It 2 Me" isn't classic Madonna and great, but for America, I think it's too...I don't know. I just feel like consumer America isn't with the Madonna train these days. But here's my small, tiny, miniscule part in trying to help this song take off, because I loooooove me some Madonna!

Check out the new video for "Give It 2 Me", in which we see a washed out, though maniacally toned Madge giving it to us! Whatever the case, she looks spectacular!

P.S. I got my tickets, but they're for Atlantic City! What's up Atlantic City? Anything exciting going November?

P.S.S. The circulating setlist for the Sticky & Sweet Tour looks unbelievable! (sorry to send you to Perez Hilton!)

Madonna - Give It 2 Me (ft. Pharrell) (music video)

CELERY MOON - Good Morning Stardust V mix

I don't know who Celery Moon is or what his/her story is, but the new "Good Morning Stardust V" mix is off the hook! Celery Moon has something to do with Misshapes, as his/her blog is hosted on their site. He/She has incredible taste in dance music, as this mix features seamless transitions between great artists like Ladyhawke, Bjork, The Black Ghosts, Lykke Li, Simian Mobile Disco, Felix da Housecat, Kleerup, Cut Copy, Moby, and In Flagranti, with remixed efforts by talent such as Hercules & Love Affair, Calvin Harris, Holy Ghost, Alan Braxe, and (again) Cut Copy.

At press time, whilst in the pursuit of knowledge about Celery Moon, we were only told he/she was currently shooting on location in Hawaii. I have no idea. More info (or the lack of such) at Celery Moon's blog.

Now get the goods...

Celery Moon - Good Morning Stardust V (mp3)

00 Good Morning Stardust V

01 Raiders Of The Lost ARP - Summer 1986
02 Lykke Li - Im Good, Im Gone (Fred Falke Remix)
03 Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Most Wanted
04 Trentemoller & Vonstroke - Want 2 Need 2 Whistle
05 Chas Jankel - Get Yourself Together (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
06 Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)
07 John Dahlback - I Had A Feeling
08 Felix Da Housecat - Rude Allegiance
09 The Touch - Regain Control
10 Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)
11 Simian Mobile Disco - Wood (Danton Eeprom Remix)
12 Pink Skull - Drugs Will Keep Us Together (Trevor Loveys Remix)
13 33Hz - Crazy All The Time (Magik Johnson Remix)
14 Ian Pooley - It's You
15 The Whip - Blackout (Popular Computer Remix)
16 Professor Genius - Pegaso (Silver & Kane Remix)
17 The Black Ghosts - I want Nothing
18 8otto - 0zero (Herve Remix)
19 Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Holy Ghost Remix)
20 Jesse Rose & Trevor Loveys - Heavy What?
21 Daedelus - Make It So (XXXChange Remix)
22 Bjork - Alarm Call (Alan Braxe & Ben Diamond Edit)
23 Red Astaire - For The Time
24 Egyptian Lover - Egypt Ear Work
25 Richard Bartz - Voyager
26 In Flagranti - Nonchalant
27 Euro Johannes - Lipton Service Boy
28 Kleerup - Thank You For Nothing

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BECK - Modern Guilt - Preview

Beck's new album is shaping up to be very interesting. Produced by Danger Mouse, Modern Guilt finds Beck in a more serene mood than on recent albums The Information and Guero. The first leaked tracks have a moody and kind of hallucinatory feel to them. You can preview the three tracks at the links below, including the collaboration with Cat Power, though to me she sounds muted and hardly there. Also, check out the video preview of the album, which includes the title track as well.

Modern Guilt is released July 8th.

Preview of Beck's Modern Guilt

STREAM - Beck - Orphans (ft. Cat Power) (link)
STREAM - Beck - Gamma Ray (link)
STREAM - Beck - Chemtrails (link)

Modern Guilt tracklist:

01 "Orphans"
02 "Gamma Ray"
03 "Chemtrails"
04 "Modern Guilt"
05 "Youthless"
06 "Walls"
07 "Replica"
08 "Soul of A Man"
09 "Profanity Prayers"
10 "Volcano"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CLOETTA PARIS - 'Cry Just a Little Bit (Shakin Stevens cover)'

Cloetta Paris has a new cover Shakin' Stevens' "Cry Just a Little Bit" for the forthcoming Rewind vol. 1 compilation. The 80's cover project features artists such as Dragonette, Purple Crush, Lismore, Pink Skull, Cannonball Jane, FrankMusik and many, many more turning in their versions of 80's favorites.

Rewind vol. 1 will become available as a free download on July 1st via

Cloetta Paris - Cry Just a Little Bit (mp3)

MKNG FRNDZ Playing Bushwick Saturday

This Saturday Mkng Frndz are playing a special benefit house party at 315 Seigel in Bushwick. The benefit party is $10 for all you can eat and drink and will feature DJ sets by Jerk Party and Amos Mac. The party is at 315 Seigel St. #101 @ Bogart. Saturday, June 28th, Noon - Midnight. L train to Morgan.

Mkng Frndz is the latest musical incarnation of Tami Hart, who became a hearthrob for queer youth in the early 2000's.

"Influenced musically by Kaia Wilson (Team Dresch, the Butchies) and Kurt Cobain, among others, South Carolina's Tami Hart was just a teenager when she released her debut on Wilson's label, the pro-queer and feminist imprint Mr. Lady (Letigre, The Need). No Light in August is a startling debut, too, with Hart sounding like she has an infinitely older soul than is healthy for any 19 year old. On songs like the opening "Drunken Love Song," "You're No Good," and the eerily Nirvana-like "The Kids That Call Us Clowns," Hart's emotionally raw folk-pop is tragically beautiful and engaging as she tells her broken-hearted tales of love, loss, and loneliness. And while such topics aren't exactly original, these songs are shockingly disarming in their honesty and sincerity. So while her debut has its few moments of influence-on-sleeve songwriting, Hart is already hitting her stride on No Light in August. Surely, as they say, the best is yet to come." -Jimmy Draper, All Music Guide

Monday, June 23, 2008

BLONDIE Played Times Square

Blondie played their legendary album Parallel Lines in its entirety last night at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square and it was magical. Debbie Harry looked absolutely stunning in a silver and black gown, sporting a haircut very similar to the one she made so famous in the "Heart of Glass" video. The band sounded great, even with only three of its original members - Debbie, Chris Stein and the amazing Clem Burke. It was a special night for Blondie fans, who got to see rare live performances of tracks like "Fade Away and Radiate", "I Know But I Don't Know" and "11:59". One of the things that impressed me most was how Debbie made the old songs seem fresh again by infusing new ideas into the old.

Once they finished playing the Parallel Lines album, they continued on with a few more gems. Among the highlights were "Call Me", "(I Am Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear" and "Rapture", in which Debbie worked her way into a frenzied and cathartic art rap that sent chills up my spine. It was possibly the most passionate and dramatic thing I've ever seen her do. Wow! But the most shocking moment of the night was the seething punk take on Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On". It wasn't until about half way through the song that I realized what it was. They need to release this as a single - it rocks!

We miss you Jimmy Destri!

Here are a couple screens shots of Debbie Harry and the incomparable Clem Burke on drums...

-all photos by Derek Morris

Friday, June 20, 2008

An Interview with Vincent Vendetta

Vincent Vendetta of Midnight Juggernauts is coming to town for a special DJ set at Webster Hall Saturday night. The event also features live sets from Crookers, Spitzer, DJ Funk, Danger, The Captain and more. Full info below.

While in Barcelona for the Sonar Festival, Vin took the time to answer a few questions for us.

THE SKY REPORT: How are you?

VINCENT VENDETTA: Well thanks. Yourself?

TSR: Great! Where are you now?

VIN: I'm now in a hotel room in Barcelona for Sonar. We're here to DJ some Vice party and other Sonar events.

TSR: I see you were just in London. How was the show with Thieves Like Us?

VIN: The show in London was a lot of fun. We always like playing that town. It was our last own show for a while, though. The next few months we just do the summer festival circuit.

TSR: Are you in New York specifically for the Webster Hall event?

VIN: Well yes. It's the only event I'm going to play. But I'm also there to go visit Coney Island and see more of NY. Maybe go to the top of a tall building.

TSR: Your appearance at Webster Hall is a DJ set. Any hints as to what you might play?

VIN: A little bit of Jive Bunny. Might see if there's an old compilation i could put on. Something from the '90s so i can let it play and then go outside to get a cheeseburger for 20 minutes. Very important.

TSR: How has the reception been to the Dystopia LP in America? Personally, I love it.

VIN: Personally, I love you too. It's been great. It's amazing when you play a show there and you see a crowd of people who know the songs and sing the lyrics and let loose. When you write music and release it it's like each track takes on it's own life and it's a special thing when it enters other peoples lives. Profound huh?

TSR: Rolling Stone described the Juggernauts’ sound as "David Bowie if his Berlin Trilogy was a collaboration with Kraftwerk and Faust." Was that at all what you were going for? Did you have specific influences when recording the album?

VIN: Well those references are fine. Though we didn't have any specific references when making the album. Like any band i suppose we've grown up with lots of music that has influenced us in some way. Though for us that palette is pretty broad. Anything from Ennio Morricone, to the Muppet Show, to Frisbees, to Xanadu, to a really Difficult Math test. We're now like a cultural unilingual Voltron. Our one language is XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

TSR: The Midnight Juggernauts’ remixes are always pretty amazing. I really love the remix of “I Get Around” by Dragonette. Are there any new remixes in the pipeline? Anyone specific you’d love to remix?

VIN: We always get a lot of requests to do remixes, but we have no time. We can only do them when the stars and the moon align and we have a free block to play with. There's a few things coming up which should be fun. Will let you know about them soon. Though someday we'd like to remix Randy Newman. Andy our guitarist grew up with him. Before Toy Story etc of course.

TSR: Finally, where are you off to next?

VIN: Next we visit NEW YAWK CITY!

-interview by Scot Bowman

PASS KONTROL Playing Three Free Shows in Brooklyn This Weekend

As they usher in two new members of the band, Bushwick's beloved Pass Kontrol will play three FREE shows this weekend in Brooklyn. The fun starts Friday night at Duck Duck, then continues Saturday afternoon with a street performance in front of Northeast Kingdom. Things get finished off at Pete's Candy Store later that night. Full info at the bottom of the scroll.

Check out the awesome Pass Kontrol track "Love is a Dog From Hell", streaming on their Myspace page:

STREAM - Pass Kontrol - Love is a Dog From Hell


The Nasties and Burlington transplants Activists/Dictators (or simply A/D) are also playing Pete's Candy Store on Saturday. This will mark A/D's first full live show since relocating to Bushwick late last year. A/D also join Pass Kontrol for a show at Goodbye Blue Monday on July 11th.

Tonight - Duck Duck - 9:30pm
Saturday - Northeast Kingdom - Make Music NY Festival - 1-4 pm
Saturday - Pete's Candy Store (w/ A/D) - 9:00pm
July 11 - Goodbye Blue Monday (w/ A/D) - 10:00pm

Thursday, June 19, 2008

THE TING TINGS at Bowery Ballroom

The Ting Tings rocked the sold-out Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan last night, blasting through an energetic set of which highlighted nearly every track on their debut album We Started Nothing. Katie White is a fantastic live performer, infusing the show with a blend of f-you attitude, punk-rock ferocity, and an unexpected perfectionism and grace.

The crowd was alive and dancing, most notably on highlights like their current single "Shut Up and Let Me Go", as well as "Great DJ" and the encore of "We Started Nothing". But perhaps the most infectious part of the show was the singalong anthem "That's Not My Name". Throughout the show a group of girls behind me kept shrieking out names like "Stacy" and "Mary-Jo-Lisa"! Needless to say, the energy in the room exploded when they launched into the track.

More photos from The Ting Tings show last night...

-all photos by Scot Bowman

The Ting Ting's also have a brand new video for "Shut Up and Let me Go". Check it out below.

The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go (music video)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

THIEVES LIKE US - 'Program of the First Part'

Check out this awesome video for "Program of the First Part", believed to be taken from the forthcoming debut album by Thieves Like Us. The video is an homage to Tron, the 1982 sci-fi film that starred Jeff Bridges.

Thieves Like Us made a big splash last year when Kitsune released the 12" for "Drugs in My Body", which was also featured on the amazing Kitsune 4 compilation. The new album Play Music for You is due sometime very soon.

Thieves Like Us is a Swedish American trio based in NYC. With a true “charme” , they developed a fresh, romantic aestethic. Between a pop, funky naïve universe “à la” Hot Chip and the german krautrock scene…
-press release

SALLY SHAPIRO - Remix Romance Vol. 2

Sally Shapiro released Remix Romance Vol. 2 yesterday on Paper Bag Records, but the only way to snag it is to do so digitally. The new collection features remixes by CFCF, Russian Futurists, Spitzer and more. The first remix album (released physically) had Holy Fuck, Dntel, Juan MacLean, Junior Boys, and Lindstrøm.

Check out the CFCF remix of "Time to Let Go", which incorporates Madonna's "Borderline" in a surprisingly elegant way. (mp3 link)

Time to Let Go [CFCF Remix] - Sally Shapiro

Also, the same song, but remixed by Lindstrøm on volume one...

Sally Shapiro - Time To Let Go (Lindstrøm remix) (mp3)

Remix Romance Vol. 1 tracklist:
1. I'll be by Your Side [Tensnake Remix]
2. I Know You're My Love [Juan MacLean Remix]
3. Find My Soul [Holy Fuck Remix]
4. Anorak Christmas [Woodhands Remix]
5. He Keeps Me Alive [Skatebård Remix]
6. Hold Me So Tight [The Cansecos Remix]
7. Skating in the Moonshine [Jon Brooks Remix]
8. Jackie Junior [Junior Boys Remix]
9. Time to Let Go [Lindstrøm Remix]
10. Sleep in my Arms [Between Interval Remix]

Remix Romance Vol. 2 tracklist:
1. Time to Let Go [CFCF Remix]
2. I Know [SLL Remix]
3. Find My Ghost [Dntel Remix]
4. Skating in the Moonshine [Solvent Remix]
5. I'll Be By Your Side [Russian Futurists Remix]
6. Time to Let Go [Spitzer Remix]
7. Anorak Christmas [Alexander Robotnick Remix]
8. Hold Me So Tight [Dyylan Remix]
9. Find My Soul [Johan Agebjörn's Norwegian Electrojazz Mix]
10. Jackie Jackie [Dyylan's Subzero Nocturne]

NO AGE - 'Impossible Bouquet'

No Age, the awesome experimental band from Los Angeles, have a semi-official new video for the track "Impossible Bouquet", taken from their new album Nouns. The album is f***ing great. If you haven't checked it out yet, I urge you to do so now!

The video is really trippy/dreamy, featuring a slow-motion, double image of a white horse. Subtle, yet rather beautiful.

No Age - Impossible Bouquet from elephant parade. on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The debut album from Hercules & Love Affair has been on a constant repeat around here for the last few weeks. It is a great throwback to disco and house music, but somehow sounds really fresh at the same time. I've been kicking myself for missing their performance at Studio B last month, but it happened to be my birthday and I had the most ferocious hangover from the night before. Damn! From what I've heard, the show was pretty much spectacular, as can be witnessed by this live video of the first single "Blind".

The next single will be "You Belong" and it has a brand new video. Check it out below.

Hercules & Love Affair - You Belong (music video)

ATLAS SOUND - 'Recent Bedroom'

Here is an unofficial video for Atlas Sound's "Recent Bedroom", directed by Savannah College of Art and Design student Michael E. Palm. Also, do yourself a favor and explore the plethora of mixes at Bradford Cox's blog. The Deerhunter and Atlas Sound frontman has an endless knowledge of music and his mixes are always full of exciting new discoveries and rediscoveries.

Atlas Sound- Recent Bedroom from Michael E Palm on Vimeo.

Random Shuffle

So I was cleaning out my inbox tonight and came across a few tracks some of you might be interested in. Please click on the artist's name to learn more about them and if you like what you hear please buy their music!


Cannonball Jane - The Secret Handshake (mp3)

The Acorn - Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper cover) (mp3)

Tilly and The Wall - Pot Kettle Black (mp3)/Cacophany (mp3)

The Delta Fiasco - Death Letters (mp3)

Team Genius - Handclaps in E Major (mp3)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Love is All delivered another wildly entertaining set in NYC on Saturday night, this time at Market Hotel in Bushwick. The scene was sticky, hot and sweaty - a sauna full of jubilant fans who made their way out in the thunder and lightning to see the band from Sweden play in Brooklyn. The storm brought significant downpours, but that did nothing to cool off the steaming temperature at Market Hotel.

Cause Co-Motion! and the excellent Vivian Girls opened up the show. Both bands turned in short and tight sets, equally showing significant promise in what led to a rather amazing night of music. Vivian Girls are a three-piece from Brooklyn who have been described as sounding like "The Ronettes produced by Kevin Shields". I am all about these girls. Expect a lot more about them in the very near future.

Cause Co-Motion! reminded me of a cross between Elvis Costello and Gang of Four with their angular changes and tight syncopation.

-Cause Co-Motion!

But the real deal was Love is All. Their live shows have a particular energy that is both infectious and mesmerizing. Just check out the video clip below from Market Hotel, where the band rifles through the crowdpleaser "Ageing Had Never Been His Friend".

Love is All play their 3rd and final NYC show tonight at Bowery Ballroom with Versus and Crystal Stilts.

Love is All - Ageing Had Never Been His Friend (live at Market Hotel)

-all photos by Scot Bowman

Friday, June 13, 2008

NYC Popfest - Day 2 - Piano's

NYC Popfest continued Friday night at Piano's with early sets by From Bubblegum to Sky and Pants Yell!, the latter of which got a fairly lively crowd to play for. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay to see The Besties and Tullycraft (I'm sure I'll get some flack for that), but by the looks of the insanely packed Piano's I'm sure the show got better and livelier as it went on.

-From Bubblegum to Sky

Popfest continues Saturday at Music Hall of Williamsburg with The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Mahogany and Ladybug Transistor.

-Pants Yell!

-photos by Scot Bowman

NYC Popfest - Day 1 - Cake Shop

Cake Shop was abuzz with indie-pop lovers last night, as the 2nd Annual NYC Popfest kicked off with a headlining set by the fantastic Swedish band Love is All. A quartet of bands opened for Love is All, of which NYC's own The Secret History and Sweden's Oh! Custer fared the best. But it's hard to talk about the other bands, since Love is All spectacularly stole the show, infusing the cramped, tiny space with their unique, blistering sound. Josephine, Love is All's timid lead singer, roared through the short set with her gentile howl on crowd-pleasing tracks like "Ageing Had Never Been His Friend", "Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up" and "Talk Talk Talk". She spoke of the new album A Hundred Things That Keep Me Up At Night, but only said it was coming out "soon".

-Me and Josephine of Love is All

Before Love is All's set I got a chance to briefly meet Josephine. She was friendly and quite lovely, allowing me to reshoot the photo until I got a good one. See you at Market Hotel on Saturday!

-top photo by Scot Bowman
-bottom photo by Johan Lindwall (bass player for Love is All)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

GOLDFRAPP - 'Caravan Girl'

"Caravan Girl" is the third video from Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree LP. It's also my favorite track from the album - dramatic, sweeping, epic - I love it. Check out the brand new video below.

Goldfrapp - Caravan Girl (music video)

BECK - Modern Guilt

Beck's Modern Guilt will hit stores in the US on July 8th. The album was produced by Danger Mouse and features Cat Power on the track "Walls". It's been said that the disc is fairly short, clocking in at just thirty minutes, but I have a feeling this is going to be a great Beck record. You can take a listen to the track "Chemtrails" here.

Modern Guilt tracklist:

01 Orphans
02 Gamma Ray
03 Chemtrails
04 Modern Guilt
05 Youthless
06 Walls (ft. Cat Power)
07 Replica
08 Soul of a Man
09 Profanity Prayers
10 Volcano

NYC Popfest Kicks Off Tonight

NYC Popfest kicks off tonight with Love is All, The Secret History, Oh! Custer, In Interview, and The Foxgloves at Cake Shop in the Lower East Side. Festival passes and single tickets for the first night are sold out, but you'll find full coverage here over the weekend.

Tullycraft, From Bubblegum to Sky, The Besties, and Pants Yell! are at Piano's on Friday.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Mahogany open up for The Orchids and Ladybug Transistor at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday.

And things get wrapped up with a special recovery barbecue show at Union Pool on Sunday, featuring The Silent League and The Cannanes from Australia.

But don't forget Vivian Girls and Love is All are at Market Hotel in Bushwick on Saturday night!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

THE CHAP - Mega Breakfast, Plus ATLAS SOUND Remix

The Chap are an experimental band from London who have "an unconventional approach to making music in the form of assymetrical-yet-catchy songs." Their latest album Mega Breakfast was recently released in Europe and is expected to hit North America on July 1st.

Longtime fan Bradford Cox has remixed the new track "They Have a Name" under his Atlas Sound moniker. I might also add that Atlas Sound's debut LP Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel is one of my favorite records of the year so far.

Check out both the original version and the Atlas Sound remix of "They Have a Name" below:

The Chap - They Have a Name (mp3)
The Chap - They Have a Name (Atlas Sound remix) (mp3)

LULU ROUGE - Bless You

Lulu Rouge are a Danish downtempo duo with a brand new debut album entitled Bless You. The album consists of moody and atmospheric, dub-infused tracks, featuring collaborations with Trentemøller, who calls the duo “the next big thing to come out of Denmark”. The sound takes me back to the early days of artists like Gus Gus and Lamb, a sound I am so into revisiting right now.

The debut single is also called “Bless You” and features vocals by seven-time Danish Music Awards nominee Mikael Simpson. Grab it below.

Lulu Rouge - Bless You (mp3)

PRIMAL SCREAM Return with Beautiful Future

Preimal Scream are on the verge of releasing their ninth studio album, Beautiful Future, on July 21st in the UK. The new set features collaborations with Björn Yttling (Peter, Björn & John), Lovefoxx (of CSS), and Josh Homme. The first single is called "Can't Go Back" and is streaming now.

As usual, Primal Scream are wildly unpredictable from album to album. Björn has the described the new album by saying, "It's much more pop and Krautrock than before. It sounds a bit like Alan Vega and Suicide."

Beautiful Future is the follow-up to the 2006 release Riot City Blues.

Primal Scream - Urban Guerilla (link)

Monday, June 09, 2008

MOBY - 'I Love to Move in Here (Holy Ghost remix)'

Brooklyn's Holy Ghost have remixed Moby's latest single "I Love to Move in Here" and it makes for quite the hot summer jam. They also have a great remix of Cut Copy's "Hearts on Fire" which you can check out here.

In other Moby news, he was spotted in Bushwick last week at Northeast Kingdom. As some of you know, this is where I bartend and occasionally DJ. Bummer I missed him!

Moby - I Love to Move in Here (Holy Ghost remix) (link)

And the video for the original track...

Moby - I Love to Move in Here (music video)

Friday, June 06, 2008

THE PRESETS Wowed the Bowery Ballroom, WALTER MEEGO Showed Subtle Promise

The Presets are an act I've seen twice before, and after last night's gig at the Bowery Ballroom I can say that they just keep getting better and better every time. The crowd, which included Zero 7 ulumni Sia and Letigre's JD Samson, was absolutely into it - dancing, jumping around, and singing along. Among the highlights of the high octane set were the mesmerizing "Steamworks", the vicious anthem "Are You the One", and the encore closer "I Go Hard, I Go Home". What pleased me most though is that the newer singles "My People" and "This Boy's in Love" worked really well live. I haven't been able to get very into the new album as of yet, but after last night I'm diving in head first.

The Presets setlist:
Talk Like That/Down Down Down/Girl/?New Track?/A New Sky/Yippyo Ay/Are You The One/Together/Aeons/Girl & the Sea/Steamworks/This Boy's In Love/Kicking & Screaming/My People
(Encore) Anywhere/I Go Hard I Go Home.

Walter Meego played a lukewarm set before The Presets took the stage. Whereas they sounded flawless, they had no energy whatsoever, save for the awesome guy on the computer boards. He looked like he was sweating his ass off at a rave. The other two guys should take note. If these guys can muster up a better stage show they could evolve into something really great.

-all photos by Scot Bowman