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Monday, April 30, 2007

New KELLEY POLAR single - 'Chrysanthemum'

A new KELLEY POLAR single is set to be released tomorrow, May 1, on Environ Records. According to the KP official website the follow up to Kelley Polar's 2005's exceptional debut album "Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens" is also on the way. I think I had "Hanging Gardens" on repeat for a good three months or so. Maybe it's time for a revisit.

Check out the video for 'Chrysanthemum'.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Coachella 2007 is happening now and reports of the first day are all over the internet. For those of you (like me) who stayed up until 3AM (eastern time) watching the simulcast last night, you probably agree that BJORK gave a spectacular performance, the highlight of which was the bleedingly urgent and apocalyptic version of "Army of Me".

The AT&T Blueroom simulcast is really awesome. My only complaint is the omission of some of the more exciting performers. Why no JESUS & MARY CHAIN?!!! Tonight they have REGINA SPEKTOR and ARCADE FIRE, starting around 9 pacific and midnight eastern.

For loads of reports, photos, and everything else Coachella, check out some of these blogs - Stereogum, ProductshopNYC, and Brooklyn Vegan.

In not-so-releated news, it looks like The Sky Report isn't the only one NOT at Coachella this year. Just yesterday I rode the L train into Williamsburg with none other than KAREN O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), who ironically headlined Coachella one year ago this weekend. She looked awesome. Try as I did, it was difficult not to stare at her.

Friday, April 27, 2007


THE TEENAGERS - "Homecoming"


BJORK - "Earth Intruders"

FEIST - "My Moon, My Man"
Feist - My Moon My Man (Promo Video)

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

BEIRUT and FINAL FANTASY Coming to Bowery Ballroom


Urge Nights presents BEIRUT and FINAL FANTASY at The Bowery Ballroom for three nights, May 6, 7, & 8! BEIRUT's "Gulag Orkestar" and FINAL FANTASY's "He Poos Clouds" were both critical highlights of 2006, helping a new wave of experimental folk splash onto the scene. Both acts are musical artists and the fact that they are both sharing the same stage will result in something magical.

-Final Fantasy

For more information about Urge, visit

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

INTERPOL - "Our Love To Admire" due July 10

Capitol Records will release the much anticipated third album from INTERPOL on July 10th. The album will be called "Our Love To Admire" and here is the tracklist:

01 Pioneer to the Falls
02 No I in Threesome
03 The Scale
04 The Heinrich Maneuver
05 Mammoth
06 Pace Is the Trick
07 All Fired Up
08 Rest My Chemistry
09 Who Do You Think
10 Wrecking Ball
11 The Lighthouse

Interpol official site
Interpol on Myspace


Tickets for the two JESUS & MARY CHAIN dates at Webster Hall went on sale today. I got mine...did you get yours?

Countdown to Coachella part 8 - 2 Days...

Can you feel the heat yet? It's gonna be a hot one at Coachella this year.

Friday - high 99, low 71
Saturday - high 101, low 73
Sunday - high 97, low 71

Have fun and stay hydrated.

To be honest, I don't know a ton about SPANK ROCK. But I do know that the beats are dirty, the rhymes are nasty, and everyone freaks out whenever they hear the "Lindsay Lohan" song.

DOWNLOAD Spank Rock - Lindsay Lohan


Lily canceled the majority of her current tour, but chose to still do Coachella. So I guess that makes this a rare appearance for the young British pop/reggae star. I would totally stroll by to catch part of her set. The music is the perfect fun-lite that hot summer days were made for.

DOWNLOAD Lily Allen - U Killed It (Sunday Morning)


I would totally be up on this shit if I was at Coachella this year. Her voice is fantastic when she's not too drunk. She is backed by a large band that really helps with the Phil Spector-like sound. But most of all, Amy is a walking drama waiting to unfold. Even if she is drunk it would make for great entertainment. My guess is that she will be amazing and a highlight of the weekend.

DOWNLOAD Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Countdown to Coachella part 7 - 3 Days...

The set times have been revealed, and all I have to say is the Saturday line-up in the Sahara Tent is like a wet dream. MSTRKRFT, BUSY P & DJ MEHDI, JUSTICE, LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, and THE RAPTURE all back to back to back. Wow!

MSTRKRFT are the electro offspring of the now defunct rockers DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979. It's kind of like if THE WHITE STRIPES turned into DAFT PUNK, or something like that. Point is, guitars or synths, these guys rock.



As the owner and main producer of Ed Banger Records, French house meister BUSY P is the hottest shit right now. Have you heard the killer Ed Rec Volumes 1 & 2? Download them on iTunes now! This guy is at the center of it all.

DOWNLOAD Busy P - Rainbow Man


Another French dude, DJ Mehdi is also part of the Ed Banger crew. His recent album "Lucky Boy" is a hip-hop electro party in itself. Check out the single "I Am Somebody", featuring CHROMEO.

DOWNLOAD DJ Mehdi w/ Chromeo - I Am Somebody
DOWNLOAD DJ Mehdi featuring Fafi - Lucky Girl


I am completely psyched about MOBY's special rave DJ set at Studio B on May 5th, where he will be returning to his euphoric roots for the first time in years. Also on the bill for CutNYC's Masters of the Universe party are live sets by NYC's CURSES! and Toronto's KNIFEHANDCHOP.

The best part of all is the flyer states that it is an "alter ego mask party". Fun.

Monday, April 23, 2007

LADY MISS KIER Apparently Added to Coachella Saturday

Word on the street is that the one and only LADY MISS KIER of DEEE-LITE has been added to Coachella's Saturday line-up. Speculation on the Coachella message boards has Miss Kier doing a combo DJ/live set at around 8 in one of the tents, presumably the Sahara (dance) tent. None of this has yet to be comfirmed by the Coachella website, but both Kier's own website as well as her Myspace page state the diva will be on hand.

Why am I NOT going?

DOWNLOAD Deee-Lite - Music Selector Is the Soul Reflector

NOTE: I just got a look at the Coachella set times and no word on Lady Miss Kier. Maybe it was all an elaborate hoax, or maybe she'll be a surprise guest somewhere...

Countdown to Coachella part 6 - 4 Days...

It's getting oh so close...

Well, they caused a whirlwind in the UK when NME declared them the "founders of New Rave". Then just as everyone became nauseated at the term 'New Rave', the Klaxons stated that they indeed were not 'New Rave'. Whatever genre they do or should belong to, the fact is their music is pretty damn good. At times fresh and modern with a clever take on psychedelia. But are they good live? I'd pay the admission to find out.

DOWNLOAD Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone


No word yet on whether or not NEKO CASE will be joining the Pornographers for their set, but she IS playing the Stagecoach Festival at the exact same site one week later. The one time I caught these guys live Neko was not there, but it was still a really fun show.

DOWNLOAD New Pornographers - The Bleeding Heart Show


For more about these guys, just read every other music blog in the universe. There's nothing new I could say that hasn't been said a zillion times over. Arcade Fire are brilliant live, so just make sure you're there.

DOWNLOAD Arcade Fire - Cold Wind


Here's a taste of what some of my favorite blogs have been writing about:

As Restless As We Are has one of the new BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB tracks for download. I am totally excited about this one...definitely check it out.

Good Weather For Airstrikes needs your help.

Skatterbrain reports on the 2007 NYC Popfest which will feature CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE, among others.

And as usual, BIG STEREO and MISSING TOOF are always loaded with super fun stuff.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

HOT CHIP Bring It To Webster Hall

After lying in bed all day deliberating over whether or not to do it, I had to pull myself out of a deep and dark hangover yesterday to make my way to the sold out HOT CHIP show at Webster Hall.

I am so glad I did.

Once the five piece synth band took the stage, I immediately started feeling better. And wow, did they have a high charged audience to work with! The entire building was teaming with excitement and energy...and when the boys finally got to the ultimate crowd-pleaser "Over and Over", I thought the floor was gonna fall through.

The highlights for me were definitely the hypnotic version of "No Fit State" and the closing outrolude cover of "Sexual Healing".

I was bummed to miss TUSSLE's set, as they are a fantastic live band that I caught in San Francisco a few years ago when they opened for ERASE ERRATA. Did anyone see them? How were they?

P.S. There is something extremely wrong about the bartenders at Webster Hall...

Countdown to Coachella part 5 - 6 Days...

Sorry no post hangover got the best of me...

From what I've been told countless times, these guys are quite the experience live. I could see Junior Boys playing at sunset, as their smooth electronic sound matches the beauty of the Coachella twilight.

DOWNLOAD Junior Boys - Count souvenirs


Another great electronic duo to check out. Should be a bit more energetic than Junior Boys, with hypnotic guitars and loops, not to mention the occasional animal growls to keep you awake and alert in the desert terrain.

DOWNLOAD Ratatat - Wildcat


Cansei de Ser Sexy bring the party from Brazil and trust, it's not a party to be missed. Parts punk, parts dance-electro, all parts the party band of now. When I saw CSS play with Bonde do Role and Diplo last year, the show was off the hook hook hook! I'll assume this one will get packed, so get there early, drink water, and sweat your ass off!

DOWNLOAD CSS - Odio Odio Odio Sorry C


For those who want to lie back on the grass, catch some rays, and be swept away by gorgeous atmospheric rock music - Grizzly Bear are the perfect choice.

DOWNLOAD Grizzly Bear - Knife

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Countdown to Coachella part 4 - 8 Days...

Here goes...round 4 of I Am So Fucking Upset That I'm Not Going To Coachella! Enjoy...

Who doesn't want to see these guys, possibly the most hyped band in the blogosphere in the last year. I have no idea what their live show is like, but I'd go just to see if Victoria Bergsman shows up to do "Young Folks". I'm often disappointed in live guest vocalist appearances when they don't show up, but nonetheless it should be a great (and very crowded) show.

DOWNLOAD Peter, Bjorn and John - Objects of My Affection


I have something to admit...after years of people trying to get me into BLONDE REDHEAD, I've continually resisted, though I have no idea why. To me this is one of those bands that are supposed to be so cool to like, so you say you do, but you never really play any of their albums...well, I've finally gotten past all that and I love the new record. Now if I could only listen to a JOANNA NEWSOM album in it's entirety. We'll see.

DOWNLOAD Blonde Redhead - 23


This years answer to DAFT PUNK, but without the pyramid and not quite as extensive of a catalog to draw from...I'd be at this one in a heartbeat. Get ready to dance your ass off.

DOWNLOAD Juctice - Phantom (Cashmere remix)


Sure to be the party spectacle of the weekend! GIRL TALK has a way of creating happy anarchy wherever he opens up his laptop, inviting the masses onto the stage to the point of sheer frenzy. At least that was what it was like when I saw him in San Francisco last November. If you like to dance do not miss this one. Seriously.

DOWNLOAD Girl Talk - Pure Magic


That's right, yours truly will be spinning once again at Capone's in Williamsburg - rain or shine.

Come say hi!

221 N. 9th St. between Driggs and Roebling

Fuk Yer Homo Disko

Modular Monthly - NYC

It's time for another Modular Monthly party and this time it's getting all elegant on us, being held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel this Friday night. With an open bar from 10-12 and a special DJ set from Tim of CUT COPY, I can't think of a better place to go after the HOT CHIP show at Webster Hall. The party will also feature a live set from APACHE BEAT and DJ sets from KASPER BJORKE and other Modular DJ's.


Yes Alexander (of THE CASUAL LUST) and her new band SLOW BURNING LIGHTS are set to make their live debut on Saturday April 28th at San Francisco's Edinburgh Castle.

LISTEN to the gorgeous "Secret", the first track taken from the forthcoming debut album.

An interview with SOULWAX

I thought I'd share this interesting interview with David Dewaele of SOULWAX that URGE sent over to me.

"David Dewaele: I have many theories. One of them is, in terms of dance music, America is still very traditional in many ways. I think for all kinds of music in America, you need to do it live. I don't think America is ready yet to watch people play a laptop. They need a show, a frontman, a drummer. Even in hip-hop. You can mix the most advanced kind of electronic, weird hip-hop, and if you want to do it live — even Timbaland or The Neptunes' stuff — they bring in some s****y drummer and [yell corny stuff like] "wave your hands in the air." I think that's a typical American thing; it's the reason why The Prodigy works, and something like Underworld won't. In essence, Prodigy has a frontman going, "Come on, jump up and down!"

URGE: Is that why you've incorporated a live-band performance aspect into Radio Soulwax? Are you trying to trick people into liking dance music?

Dewaele: Yeah, like a scheme. [Laughs.] No, it's a lot more simple. We made Nite Versions, and we wanted to do it live. The thing with Radio Soulwax is that it's set up like a continuous party. It's not necessarily a live gig then a DJ set; it's one continuous performance, where one flows into the other. The thing that everyone keeps talking about is the blend of indie and dance music, electro and new-rave, whatever you call it. To us, that's just normal. It's what The Clash used to do. People think a little bit too much in categories. If you can dance to it, it works. That was at the basis of 2 many dj's and with Radio Soulwax, it was just an extension of that. In our heads, it doesn't really matter if it's Vitalic or Justice, or WhoMadeWho that we bring with us on tour. It's all the same aesthetic for us. It musically brings the same point.

URGE: With all your various personas, it's sometimes difficult to figure out what separates Soulwax from 2 many dj's. You're a band, you're DJs, you're remixers, but you remix yourselves, and reinterpret your music
in different ways.

Dewaele: I don't think it'll seem so confusing in a few years time. In 2007, it's almost like the only way to go. If you're just a band touring... you're like thousands of other bands doing the same. A lot of upcoming kids who send us stuff do the same thing: They're a band that plays drums, remixes, produces other people. It's almost becoming the norm. With things like the music industry changing and the Internet and MySpace, definitely the way people put out music or express creativity is changing as well. We all have to adapt to it, and whatever we're doing won't seem abnormal."

Read more of the SOULWAX interview and much more at MTV's URGE

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Countdown to Coachella part 3 - 9 Days...

These are perhaps the four biggest reasons why I wanted to go to Coachella this year...and they're all on the same day!

Every single time I've tried to see James Murphy live I always just miss the boat. The recent string of dates in NYC have all seemed to sell out instantaneously. Back at Coachella 2004, I diligently tried to convince my gang to catch one of their earliest performances, but no one knew who the hell they were so we saw someone else instead. From what I hear, LCD Soundsystem is always good for an unparalleled live show, creating a sort of hypnotic dance explosion. By contrast, check out this old favorite of mine, "Tired" - an ode to James Murphy's love of post-punk.

DOWNLOAD LCD Soundsystem - Tired


I'm finally seeing Hot Chip for the first time this Friday at Webster Hall and I'm ecstatic about it. This will be the one event that makes me feel that all is not lost by missing Coachella this year. Check out this new Hot Chip track, "My Piano".

DOWNLOAD Hot Chip - My Piano (radio mix)


I saw !!! live a couple years ago at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and they were fun as hell. Their infectious energy demands that you dance and if you don't, you're dead. Here's an outtake from the latest album "Myth Takes".

DOWNLOAD !!! - Bend Over Beethoven (Original Nashville Jam)


So maybe I wouldn't have caught The Rapture at Coachella this year, as I've seen them a few times now. But they always put on a solid show with a great light spectacle. Not to be missed if you've never experienced these guys live. Here's an old fave from the EP "Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks".

DOWNLOAD The Rapture - The Pop Song

BOAT CLUB - "Warmer Climes"

Yet another band from Sweden has grabbed my attention. The Gothenburg duo BOAT CLUB has just released a two track ep single "Warmer Climes". The lead track is a wistful breeze; ethereal pop anchored by a bittersweet melancholy. The other track, "Memories" is more of the same with a more pronounced 80's drum track, though not quite as catchy as its predecessor.

To purchase the EP go to I Wish I Was Unpopular.

DOWNLOAD Boat Club - Warmer Climes

GLASS CANDY - "Rolling Down the Hills"

Everyone is blogging about this one right now, but I can't stop myself. The latest track from Portland's GLASS CANDY is so good! A smooth 70's lounge track, complete with horns, sexy vocals and vinyl scratches to add a more vintage feel.

To see what I mean, head over to Big Stereo. They've got the track for you to download, plus tour dates and more.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Countdown to Coachella part 2 - 10 Days...

Here is part two of my Countdown to Coachella...

A nostalgic moment for those of us who were deeply ensconced in the electronica-era late 90's when FAITHLESS burst on the scene with trip-hop classics "Don't Leave" and "Insomnia". FAITHLESS bring their epic live show to the Coachella stage to remind us that these guys should have played at the first Coachella in 1999. Here's another throwback from the savagely underrated 2000 film "The Beach" - DOWNLOAD Faithless - Woozy


I can't believe I've never seen Bjork live. This will be pure magic at the Empire Polo Fields, just so long as crazed fans don't rush the stage like they did back in 2002. Her new single "Earth Intruders" shows promise of a lively stage show.
DOWNLOAD Bjork - Earth Intruders (Spike Stent mix)


Peaches is another one I've never seen live, but have heard endless great things about from friends. I predict she will go on the Outdoor Stage for a late night party just as Bjork is finishing on the main stage. (Note to crazy Coachella freaks: That is a prediction, not to be confused with fact.)
DOWNLOAD Peaches - The Inch

Monday, April 16, 2007

Countdown to Coachella part 1 - 11 Days...

This year will mark the first time in four years that I WILL NOT be heading out to the desert for the Coachella Festival. As depressed as I am about this, I still find the need to torture myself with this two week series, highlighting the bands that I would have caught during the three day weekend. Here goes...

Probably one of my top 5 all-time favorite bands emerges from a nine year hibernation to headline Day 1. "Stardust Remedy" is one of my favorite tracks off their last album "Munki", released back in 1998.
DOWNLOAD Jesus and Mary Chain - Stardust Remedy


Their recent album "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?" is by far one of the year's best as of yet. But I still love the bouncy fun single "The Party's Crashing Us Down" from 2005's "The Sunlandic Twins".
DOWNLOAD Of Montreal - The Party's Crashing Us Down


One of my favorite guilty pleasures is the 2004 release by Felix da Housecat "Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever". Check out the track "What She Wants", featuring James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.
DOWNLOAD Felix Da Housecat - What She Wants

For those of you who are lucky enough to make it to Coachella this year, please share your stories as I will live vicariously through you.