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Friday, June 20, 2008

An Interview with Vincent Vendetta

Vincent Vendetta of Midnight Juggernauts is coming to town for a special DJ set at Webster Hall Saturday night. The event also features live sets from Crookers, Spitzer, DJ Funk, Danger, The Captain and more. Full info below.

While in Barcelona for the Sonar Festival, Vin took the time to answer a few questions for us.

THE SKY REPORT: How are you?

VINCENT VENDETTA: Well thanks. Yourself?

TSR: Great! Where are you now?

VIN: I'm now in a hotel room in Barcelona for Sonar. We're here to DJ some Vice party and other Sonar events.

TSR: I see you were just in London. How was the show with Thieves Like Us?

VIN: The show in London was a lot of fun. We always like playing that town. It was our last own show for a while, though. The next few months we just do the summer festival circuit.

TSR: Are you in New York specifically for the Webster Hall event?

VIN: Well yes. It's the only event I'm going to play. But I'm also there to go visit Coney Island and see more of NY. Maybe go to the top of a tall building.

TSR: Your appearance at Webster Hall is a DJ set. Any hints as to what you might play?

VIN: A little bit of Jive Bunny. Might see if there's an old compilation i could put on. Something from the '90s so i can let it play and then go outside to get a cheeseburger for 20 minutes. Very important.

TSR: How has the reception been to the Dystopia LP in America? Personally, I love it.

VIN: Personally, I love you too. It's been great. It's amazing when you play a show there and you see a crowd of people who know the songs and sing the lyrics and let loose. When you write music and release it it's like each track takes on it's own life and it's a special thing when it enters other peoples lives. Profound huh?

TSR: Rolling Stone described the Juggernauts’ sound as "David Bowie if his Berlin Trilogy was a collaboration with Kraftwerk and Faust." Was that at all what you were going for? Did you have specific influences when recording the album?

VIN: Well those references are fine. Though we didn't have any specific references when making the album. Like any band i suppose we've grown up with lots of music that has influenced us in some way. Though for us that palette is pretty broad. Anything from Ennio Morricone, to the Muppet Show, to Frisbees, to Xanadu, to a really Difficult Math test. We're now like a cultural unilingual Voltron. Our one language is XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

TSR: The Midnight Juggernauts’ remixes are always pretty amazing. I really love the remix of “I Get Around” by Dragonette. Are there any new remixes in the pipeline? Anyone specific you’d love to remix?

VIN: We always get a lot of requests to do remixes, but we have no time. We can only do them when the stars and the moon align and we have a free block to play with. There's a few things coming up which should be fun. Will let you know about them soon. Though someday we'd like to remix Randy Newman. Andy our guitarist grew up with him. Before Toy Story etc of course.

TSR: Finally, where are you off to next?

VIN: Next we visit NEW YAWK CITY!

-interview by Scot Bowman

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seandonson said...

Jive Bunny rocks!