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Friday, June 13, 2008

NYC Popfest - Day 1 - Cake Shop

Cake Shop was abuzz with indie-pop lovers last night, as the 2nd Annual NYC Popfest kicked off with a headlining set by the fantastic Swedish band Love is All. A quartet of bands opened for Love is All, of which NYC's own The Secret History and Sweden's Oh! Custer fared the best. But it's hard to talk about the other bands, since Love is All spectacularly stole the show, infusing the cramped, tiny space with their unique, blistering sound. Josephine, Love is All's timid lead singer, roared through the short set with her gentile howl on crowd-pleasing tracks like "Ageing Had Never Been His Friend", "Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up" and "Talk Talk Talk". She spoke of the new album A Hundred Things That Keep Me Up At Night, but only said it was coming out "soon".

-Me and Josephine of Love is All

Before Love is All's set I got a chance to briefly meet Josephine. She was friendly and quite lovely, allowing me to reshoot the photo until I got a good one. See you at Market Hotel on Saturday!

-top photo by Scot Bowman
-bottom photo by Johan Lindwall (bass player for Love is All)


nyctaper said...

My recording of the Love is All set has been posted on my site.
Love Is All at Cake Shop Live

Anna said...

Great post Scot & that photo is fab as well!

Karina said...

I can't wait for tullycraft and the cannanes at the cake shop on saturday afternoon! I've been waiting so long to see these bands.