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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SALLY SHAPIRO - Remix Romance Vol. 2

Sally Shapiro released Remix Romance Vol. 2 yesterday on Paper Bag Records, but the only way to snag it is to do so digitally. The new collection features remixes by CFCF, Russian Futurists, Spitzer and more. The first remix album (released physically) had Holy Fuck, Dntel, Juan MacLean, Junior Boys, and Lindstrøm.

Check out the CFCF remix of "Time to Let Go", which incorporates Madonna's "Borderline" in a surprisingly elegant way. (mp3 link)

Time to Let Go [CFCF Remix] - Sally Shapiro

Also, the same song, but remixed by Lindstrøm on volume one...

Sally Shapiro - Time To Let Go (Lindstrøm remix) (mp3)

Remix Romance Vol. 1 tracklist:
1. I'll be by Your Side [Tensnake Remix]
2. I Know You're My Love [Juan MacLean Remix]
3. Find My Soul [Holy Fuck Remix]
4. Anorak Christmas [Woodhands Remix]
5. He Keeps Me Alive [Skatebård Remix]
6. Hold Me So Tight [The Cansecos Remix]
7. Skating in the Moonshine [Jon Brooks Remix]
8. Jackie Junior [Junior Boys Remix]
9. Time to Let Go [Lindstrøm Remix]
10. Sleep in my Arms [Between Interval Remix]

Remix Romance Vol. 2 tracklist:
1. Time to Let Go [CFCF Remix]
2. I Know [SLL Remix]
3. Find My Ghost [Dntel Remix]
4. Skating in the Moonshine [Solvent Remix]
5. I'll Be By Your Side [Russian Futurists Remix]
6. Time to Let Go [Spitzer Remix]
7. Anorak Christmas [Alexander Robotnick Remix]
8. Hold Me So Tight [Dyylan Remix]
9. Find My Soul [Johan Agebjörn's Norwegian Electrojazz Mix]
10. Jackie Jackie [Dyylan's Subzero Nocturne]

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