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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

THE CHAP - Mega Breakfast, Plus ATLAS SOUND Remix

The Chap are an experimental band from London who have "an unconventional approach to making music in the form of assymetrical-yet-catchy songs." Their latest album Mega Breakfast was recently released in Europe and is expected to hit North America on July 1st.

Longtime fan Bradford Cox has remixed the new track "They Have a Name" under his Atlas Sound moniker. I might also add that Atlas Sound's debut LP Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel is one of my favorite records of the year so far.

Check out both the original version and the Atlas Sound remix of "They Have a Name" below:

The Chap - They Have a Name (mp3)
The Chap - They Have a Name (Atlas Sound remix) (mp3)

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