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Monday, June 16, 2008


Love is All delivered another wildly entertaining set in NYC on Saturday night, this time at Market Hotel in Bushwick. The scene was sticky, hot and sweaty - a sauna full of jubilant fans who made their way out in the thunder and lightning to see the band from Sweden play in Brooklyn. The storm brought significant downpours, but that did nothing to cool off the steaming temperature at Market Hotel.

Cause Co-Motion! and the excellent Vivian Girls opened up the show. Both bands turned in short and tight sets, equally showing significant promise in what led to a rather amazing night of music. Vivian Girls are a three-piece from Brooklyn who have been described as sounding like "The Ronettes produced by Kevin Shields". I am all about these girls. Expect a lot more about them in the very near future.

Cause Co-Motion! reminded me of a cross between Elvis Costello and Gang of Four with their angular changes and tight syncopation.

-Cause Co-Motion!

But the real deal was Love is All. Their live shows have a particular energy that is both infectious and mesmerizing. Just check out the video clip below from Market Hotel, where the band rifles through the crowdpleaser "Ageing Had Never Been His Friend".

Love is All play their 3rd and final NYC show tonight at Bowery Ballroom with Versus and Crystal Stilts.

Love is All - Ageing Had Never Been His Friend (live at Market Hotel)

-all photos by Scot Bowman

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