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Friday, August 03, 2007

PJ HARVEY - 'When Under Ether'

In anticipation of PJ HARVEY's new album "White Chalk", here is a gorgeous live version of the new track 'When Under Ether' as performed last year at the Copenhagen Opera House. True fans may be thrown off at first, as this performance (and apparently the new album) are piano based, resulting in a very different sound than the Polly we all know and love.

So, here you have it. No guitars. No howling. Just Polly sitting eloquently at a piano. And it's beautiful.

PJ Harvey - When Under Ether (live in Copenhagen)

Here's the tracklist for the new album, "White Chalk', which will be released on September 24.

01 The Devil
02 Dear Darkness
03 Grow Grow Grow
04 When Under Ether
05 White Chalk
06 Broken Harp
07 Silence
08 To Talk To You
09 The Piano
10 Before Departure
11 The Mountain

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