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Monday, August 06, 2007


CSS may not have made it to Lollapalooza (sorry Chicago!), but they sure rocked the sticky, sweaty, packed like sardines Studio B on Friday night. What a fucking show!!! What a motherfucking crowd!!! I have never seen a New York crowd get so into it - dancing, crowd surfing, and just outright going bonkers. Yes! This may have had something to do with the fact that it was a free show. When I arrived there was a line wrapping way around the block with no end in sight. This was by far the most crowded I have ever seen Studio B.

The band's set got started with a new song (forgive me, I don't know what it was called) before they ripped through all the great ones - 'Patins', 'Fuck Off Is Not the Only Thing', 'Alala', 'Alcohol', and their now infamous cover of L7's 'Let's Pretend We're Dead'. And of course, the closer 'Let's Make Love (and Listen to Death From Above)' was a crowd pleaser, complete with raining confetti and bubbles galore.

GRIZZLY BEAR was in the house (I believe it was the whole band) and Ed Droste seems to have had as much fun as anyone else, as he blogged about the night on the band's website.

Opening act SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT were also a lot of fun. It was like a full-on dance party. I only wish I had gotten some better pictures of these guys. They were really fantastic. Check them out! The other opening band DIRTY ON PURPOSE didn't fare quite as well. I personally felt that their music was completely out of place on a night like this. Their dreary shoegaze noise rock was lost on the crowd who just wanted to get sweaty and dance.

-all photos by Scot Bowman and Derek Morris

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