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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

JUNIOR SENIOR, GRAVY TRAIN Bring the Love to NYC's Highline Ballroom

-Junior Senior & Gravy Train (photo by Amos Mac)

Since I am vactioning in San Francisco and the gorgeous wine country outside of Sonoma, my good friends Jacob and photographer Amos Mac reported on the JUNIOR SENIOR/GRAVY TRAIN show for me last night at NYC's Highline Ballroom. From a series of text messages, relatively indecipherable voicemails and some fleeting phone conversations in between sets, this is what I could make out from last night's extravaganza of a show.

-Junior Senior (photo by Amos Mac)

JUNIOR SENIOR got the American Apparel-laden crowd dancing up a sweat, as they played a set heavy on tracks from their first LP "D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat", including hits like 'Shake Your Coconuts' and 'Move Your Feet', as well as 'Rhythm Bandits', 'Chicks and Dicks' and set opener 'Go Junior Go Senior'.

As the follow-up album "Hey Hey My My Yo Yo" was just released today, newer tracks such as 'We R the Handclaps', 'Ur A Girl', 'Happy Rap' and 'No No Nos' could have been easily lost on a dance-happy crowd. But such was not the case, proving the solid, easy-breezin' fun of the new disk. Not surprisingly, the highlight of the new tracks was when JD Samson joined in on the duo's current hit 'Gan I Get Get Get'.

But it was the older stuff that really had the crowd moving, particularly when Gravy Train and JD returned to the stage for an all out celebratory onstage party for the the final number 'White Trash', leaving the crowd sweaty and wanting more.

-Chunx of Gravy Train (photo by Amos Mac)

The general consensus was that San Francisco dirty electropoppers GRAVY TRAIN seemed to somewhat steal the show as far as an 'opening performance' goes. How can you not when, as Amos Mac put it, "They pulled a morbidly obese animal of a man from the audience up onto the stage; HUNX jumped on his back and rode him around like a cowboy would, then made the giant man do a beer bong, which he spat all over the crowd!"

Amos went on to say, "I only knew a few (of Gravy Train's) songs, i think they played mostly new stuff. Not that i even could pay attention to the music because i was too busy staring at Chunx's sexy camel toe and all the boys in their underpants."

Beer bongs! Underwear! Cameltoes? Sounds like Animal House on crack. How could I miss this?

-Chunx, Hunx, & Junx of Gravy Train (photo by Amos Mac)

On the subject of Gravy Train, they recently released a brand new album, "All the Sweet Stuff" on Cochon Records.

-Gravy Train (photo by Amos Mac)

Junior Senior's latest album "Hey Hey My My Yo Yo" was released today. Preview tracks here.

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