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Thursday, August 23, 2007

BECK - 'Timebomb'

I know everyone likes to think that BECK is passee at this point, but what the hell! His new one-off single 'Timebomb' is so great. Let's say we lump Mr. Hansen in with the mainstream majority of radio artists making music these days and this song seems like a diamond in the rough. As far as I can tell, the track does not come from a forthcoming album, soundtrack, compilation or anything, just available as a single for download on iTunes. Do it now. This is 2007 pop at its finest. Now rip me to shreds, Beck haters.


Le Fameux Clive Dangerously said...

Thank God someone likes it. I was doing a search to find out what's said at the beginning, but all I could turn up was people bashing the song. I think some folks take themselves and their tastes too seriously.

Michael said...

Who the Fuck doesn't like beck? and for those people saying oooh me! you guys suck