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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Countdown to Coachella part 4 - 8 Days...

Here goes...round 4 of I Am So Fucking Upset That I'm Not Going To Coachella! Enjoy...

Who doesn't want to see these guys, possibly the most hyped band in the blogosphere in the last year. I have no idea what their live show is like, but I'd go just to see if Victoria Bergsman shows up to do "Young Folks". I'm often disappointed in live guest vocalist appearances when they don't show up, but nonetheless it should be a great (and very crowded) show.

DOWNLOAD Peter, Bjorn and John - Objects of My Affection


I have something to admit...after years of people trying to get me into BLONDE REDHEAD, I've continually resisted, though I have no idea why. To me this is one of those bands that are supposed to be so cool to like, so you say you do, but you never really play any of their albums...well, I've finally gotten past all that and I love the new record. Now if I could only listen to a JOANNA NEWSOM album in it's entirety. We'll see.

DOWNLOAD Blonde Redhead - 23


This years answer to DAFT PUNK, but without the pyramid and not quite as extensive of a catalog to draw from...I'd be at this one in a heartbeat. Get ready to dance your ass off.

DOWNLOAD Juctice - Phantom (Cashmere remix)


Sure to be the party spectacle of the weekend! GIRL TALK has a way of creating happy anarchy wherever he opens up his laptop, inviting the masses onto the stage to the point of sheer frenzy. At least that was what it was like when I saw him in San Francisco last November. If you like to dance do not miss this one. Seriously.

DOWNLOAD Girl Talk - Pure Magic

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