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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Countdown to Coachella part 8 - 2 Days...

Can you feel the heat yet? It's gonna be a hot one at Coachella this year.

Friday - high 99, low 71
Saturday - high 101, low 73
Sunday - high 97, low 71

Have fun and stay hydrated.

To be honest, I don't know a ton about SPANK ROCK. But I do know that the beats are dirty, the rhymes are nasty, and everyone freaks out whenever they hear the "Lindsay Lohan" song.

DOWNLOAD Spank Rock - Lindsay Lohan


Lily canceled the majority of her current tour, but chose to still do Coachella. So I guess that makes this a rare appearance for the young British pop/reggae star. I would totally stroll by to catch part of her set. The music is the perfect fun-lite that hot summer days were made for.

DOWNLOAD Lily Allen - U Killed It (Sunday Morning)


I would totally be up on this shit if I was at Coachella this year. Her voice is fantastic when she's not too drunk. She is backed by a large band that really helps with the Phil Spector-like sound. But most of all, Amy is a walking drama waiting to unfold. Even if she is drunk it would make for great entertainment. My guess is that she will be amazing and a highlight of the weekend.

DOWNLOAD Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

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