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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Triple Threat at FIXED Party

Norwegian band DATAROCK stole the show at Studio B last night, easily outperforming a rather tense version of THE PRESETS. The beat-heavy night got started with Swedish synth trio LO-FI-FNK, which I just discovered is pronounced funk not fink as some might have thought. LO-FI-FNK was fun, especially when a drunk (and seemingly obsessed fan) jumped onto the stage and danced behind the band during the song "Heartache", oblivious to the ironic lyrics being sung..."Would you just get out of my face, you're crashing the party". It was a gas.
DATAROCK took the stage shortly after, fully clad in their infamous hooded red track suits. I had no idea folks were so familiar with these guys. The crowd was so into it, dancing wildly and singing along to most of the songs. In fact, at one point three guys rushed the stage, creating quite an onstage scuffle. Synthesizers flew. Cuss words flew. Security pounced. It got crazy for a minute. But DATAROCK didn't hold a grudge and soon the party resumed, bigger than ever. When the guys took to their most popular song, "Fa-Fa-Fa", the crowd erupted into a celebratory dance party. Fun was had by all. THE PRESETS seemed unusually tense, particularly before their set, hovering over the sound mixer for a good 20 minutes. Once onstage, they lacked the energy of previous shows. In fact, I don't think I saw the drummer smile even once throughout the entire set. But still, THE PRESETS's huge electro sound won the crowd over, continuing the party into the wee hours of the night.

The unsung heroes of the night were DJ's JDH and DAVE P, lacing each set together with solid electro jams. I absolutely love that they started the night off with PRIMAL SCREAM's early classic "Come Together". Perfect.

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