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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

IAMX @ The Mercury Lounge, NYC

Donned in a sparkling top hat, Chris Corner embodied what could have been a scene from the film "Velvet Goldmine" when he took the stage with his band IAMX at The Mercury Lounge last night. Drawing inspiration from a number of sources, particularly David Bowie, 70's glam, and German cabaret, Corner's stage antics nearly overshadow his powerful voice. Nearly.

Corner, also a founding member and lead singer of SNEAKERPIMPS, has a natural stage presence, one of true rock star. Whether it be strutting the stage in quick and spastic motions or operatically howling over the bombastic rocktronics, IAMX certainly encompasses his talents.

Check out some of IAMX's best songs here.

1 comment:

Bebe said...

I was there and at the Knitting Factory show and I have to say that this is my favorite band to see live. Noone even comes close to the amount of intensity and energy that Chris excudes. This wasnt just a show. It was an experience.