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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BLACK LIPS Rocked The Bowery Ballroom

Though tame compared to past shows, Atlanta's BLACK LIPS played a rowdy, tight, and poppin' set last night at the Bowery Ballroom and the crowd was very, very into it. They ran through all their best songs, including 'Katrina', 'Cold Hands', 'Not A Problem', and 'Stranger', the latter of which you can watch below. My only complaint about the show would be how they teased us into believing there would be an encore, but after five minutes of "ladies" filing into the backstage door (and I mean a lot of ladies), the lights went up and the show was abruptly over.

Opening band THE SELMANAIRES (also from Atlanta) were impressive as well, though the crowd looked like a scene from Night of the Living Dead throughout their set. Poor guys. They gave a lot of energy and deserved at least a little bit back.

Black Lips - Stranger (live at the Bowery Ballroom)

Tonight, both bands will be at The Music Hall of Williamsburg, but not before the Lips play a free show at Soundfix Records, then lead the audience on a circus parade to the Music Hall. This is guaranteed to be a spectacle!

1 comment:

NY L7 said...

hiya scot. i'm gonna link u to my blog of desperation. xoxo
you and your boyfriend were amazing. so glad i had a chance to see this show with all of you guys.