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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New HOLE Album Due in April

Come Hell or high water, Courtney Love will return to speakers around the world when she delivers the new Hole LP Nobody's Daughter on April 27th via Mercury/IDJ. Sure, there are many who would rather not see this attempted comeback, most notably the original members of Hole (who have nothing to do with this reincarnation of the band). But it has also been nearly 12 years since the last Hole record and 5 since her solo lp America's Sweetheart, not to mention the seemingly never ending sea of drama Miss Love has been swimming in since then. That said, I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Much can be debated about Love and her antics, but one thing is for sure...she's never been accused of being boring.

Love recently debuted the new song "Samantha" on the British show Live On Jonathan Ross. The results are basically you'll either kinda like it or absolutely hate it. I'm just surprised she's standing up.

-photo cred Hedi Slimane

1 comment:

Dishtank DJ said...

Awesome! I love her music and was wondering if she would ever get back to making another record. I just wish the record was out already!