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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Cloud Nothings is the moniker used by Dylan Baldi of Cleveland. His lo-fi brand of bedroom punk is surprisingly catchy and at times, flat out grabs you by the balls. You might at first be turned off by the Wavves-like style of distorted high-pitch onslaught, but on tracks like "Old Street" you can hear a quickly maturing sense of rhythm and assuredness.

Read a very informative review of the recent Turning On full length at Adequecy. You can also grab some tracks from Turning On at The Creative Intersection. GorillaVsBear has the great new track "Morgan", which was just released as a 7" on Group Tightener. The Fader has another mp3, "Little Raygun", taken from a split cassette with Campfires on Bathetic. Stream another track from that tape "Ooh You", as well "Magic Carpet" from Campfires...

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Kevin said...

The "Turning On" full-length pictured is also available for $5 postage paid at and copies on LP are available as well!