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Friday, June 15, 2007

TAKEN BY TREES - New Victoria Bergsman project

VICTORIA BERGSMAN may not yet be a household name, but surely her voice is. Whether it be from her appearance on PETER BJORN AND JOHN's indie anthem 'Young Folks', or maybe from back when her former project THE CONCRETES loaned their song 'Say Something New' to a heavily aired Target commercial, most people, albeit subliminally, have heard Victoria's beautifully sad voice.

And now, Bergsman has a new project, TAKEN BY TREES and will be releasing the new album "Open Field" on June 18 via Rough Trade Records. The first single, 'Lost and Found' is a lovely little slice of bittersweet melancholy, perfectly showcasing that unmistakable voice of Bergsman.

Pitchfork has the picturesque video that makes me wanna go get lost in paradise somewhere, or you can stream a few songs at the Taken By Trees myspace page.

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