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Friday, June 22, 2007

SAVATH & SAVALAS - "Golden Pollen"

Guillermo Scott Herren is a man of many musical styles, moods, and monikers. Most widely known as the man behind PREFUSE 73 and the excellent 2003 album "One Word Extinguisher", Herren now returns with the 3rd LP from SAVATH & SAVALAS titled "Golden Pollen".

Herren originally started out as a DJ in Atlanta, but is now based in Barcelona...and listening to a Savath & Savalas album makes you sort of feel like you've been swept off to an Almodovar-colored bungalow on an unpopulated hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from the Spanish stress or troubles in sight, just endlessly easy beauty. At least that's what a Savath & Savalas experience does for me. Try it out for yourself (imagination required for full effect).

STREAM - Savath & Savalas - Various Tracks

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GeNeRaCiOn AsErE said...

good review.thanks
we are gonna post something about Savath & Savalas.GOLDEN POLLEN.