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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Well, I spent 45 minutes standing against a brick wall down by the water in Williamsburg, listening to the YEAH YEAH YEAHS rehearse (through the wall), and all I got was a timid "Sold out! No more wristbands!" I was so disappointed. But really, I fucked up. I lined up on S. 2nd St. rather than the designated S. 1st St. option, wasting a good 15 minutes of line-up time. I really think it came down to that moment of stale-brain that seems to get me oh so many times.

Anyway, I got turned away (along with 200 or so other black-laden wannabe YYY riverside art gallery rockers) and ended up slamming Stellas at Broadway Diner with cohorts Emily and Jacob. Whatever. At least I got to hear them rehearse. But say that wasn't them rehearsing. I can't really be sure. There was no KAREN O on vocal. And I didn't really recognize the jams to be that of said YYY's. But why would anyone else be playing an obscure art gallery in Williamsburg at four-thirty in the afternoon?

It seems there is quite a controversy about the whole thing. But honestly, everyone needs to just chill!

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