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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm not kidding. I've had more people write in about this than any other posting ever. At long last, here is the mp3 of DEBORAH HARRY's new single, 'Two Times Blue' from the forthcoming album "Necessary Evil", released stateside August 7.

[Note: I have replaced the free download with a purchase download. It is very important that we all purchase Debbie's new single so it charts high. Please do it now...only 0.99)


Doug said...

Neither Debbie or Blondie have had anything new in quite some time and the single 'Two Times Blue' gives good indication that her new album might be something good. Sounds and looks good for her age :)

iTunes has the mini concert from the Today show up for a couple dollars. Not much more than you can get from the streams off the web site, but well worth $2 even though it's DRM protected :(

Necessary Evil Autographed Pre-Sale USA Only

David said...

That sweeping generalization is not really true. While The Curse of Blondie and No Exit may not have been Blondies best efforts there are some great tracks on both of their last recordings. As for sounding good 'for her age', thats whats wrong with the entertainment industry and the people who idebntify a person by their age, rather then their talent.

Doug said...

What I meant by when I said 'for her age' is that many singers their voices begin to deteriorate for various reasons. Debbie's voice is still powerful.

The entertainment 'industry' is about business, so they move the old out for the young. I suppose it's all about money?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support of Debbie Harry! :-) Hpe you have some news of The Trou Collors Tour soon!!