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Monday, May 21, 2007

DEBORAH HARRY - "Necessary Evil"

At the tender age of 61, BLONDIE legend DEBORAH HARRY is as hard at work as ever. After a solo summer jaunt in the U.S. with the True Colors Tour and a brief European tour with Blondie, Harry will release her fifth solo album, "Necessary Evil" on August 7. The release will mark her first solo record since 1993's "Debravation", a recording many would rather forget (and probably have).

The catchy first single from the new album is titled 'Two Times Blue' and is available to stream now. If anyone stumbles across an mp3, please share the wealth!


Victor said...

wow sounds great!

Jack said... Here's a link to an mp3 :D

Scot said...

Thanks, but the link doesn't seem to work :( Please post again!

Anonymous said...


Doug said...

I love the new song and just ordered the autographed copy of the album. This mp3 was ripped from the stream on Debbie's myspace.

Doug said...

A better link, sorry.

Debbie Harry - Two Times Blue

Doug said...

'Two Times Blue' update:

Yesterday iTunes officially released the single 'Two Times Blue'. Please support Debbie and purchase the song if you can.

'Two Times Blue' at iTunes

Two Times Blue (Single) for mp3's created from the iTunes download.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. catchy song, too bad the production stinks up the room.

Scot said...

Each to his own, I suppose.

LouisLouis said...

Hi - to Scott, much appreciate most of what you write and believe a true and honest comment comes from what one feels on a subject , topic , song or artist -I did think that your "weak ,snide" comments on DH's Debravation is just lame shit - have you ever bothered to listen to Debravation album and truely know what went into the making of that album - a commercial failure based on external influences and not supported with enough airplay should alone not be the standard of what is great art and talent - real fans of DH will know and do know she is back with a bang, topped the Uk charts making history once again with Maria, kicked ass and now is back in her rightful place in the universe -I found your comment rather weak and not based on enough research to make DEBRAVATION want to go away and never be heard of again - Take time out and listen it- her Solo work is more rounded, polished and pro stuff compared to alot of Blondie material. A true artist never fades!

Scot said...


I am very sorry that I hit the wrong chord with you. But, it should be known that I bought "Debravation" the day it came out and listened to it obsessively. I know every song just as well as I know all of Debbie's work. In actuality, I love 'Debravation' and always have.

My point was that outside the world of hardcore Debbie Harry fans (myself included), the album didn't really catch on with the rest of the world. In fact, I remember seeing tons of copies in the used cd bins just weeks after its release. I remember how sad it made me to see that. The album wasn't for everybody.

I am an enormous Debbie Harry and Blondie fan. And because I have been such a fan since I was five years old, maybe I felt a bit too comfortable in how I wrote about her.