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Friday, July 06, 2007

SATURNA...Ready For Lift Off

I have a soft spot in my heart for bands that embody that timeless dark-romantic dreampop sound that made bands like SLOWDIVE and RIDE so special. SATURNA are another great new band from Portland, Oregon, with a brand new LP called "Some Delicious Enemy". The ten song set is a dreampop juggernaut, echoing the blistering atmospherics of early 90's shoegazer bands. Tasteful electronic touches elevate that nostalgic sound into something more along the lines of CURVE or early 2000's era PRIMAL SCREAM.

"Some Delicious Enemy" is also a solid rock album wherein the band finds their own footing in a forest of influences. This is the kind of album that could very possibly come out of nowhere and become huge within no time. The new single 'Pop Rocks' is a catchy trip through a swirling world of guitars and cow bells, perfect for alternative radio. Lead-off track 'Roll Down' is a soaring intergalactic epic lullaby and 'Fall' has a headjerking industrial beat that culminates into a blazing inferno of spaced-out guitars. In fact every song here has its own infectious flavor...delicious indeed.

DOWNLOAD - Saturna - Pop Rocks

STREAM - Saturna - various tracks

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