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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

IMPERIAL TEEN - The Hair The TV The Baby and The Band

So, a few years back I worked at this funny laundromat in San Francisco called Brainwash and Will Schwartz (Hey Willpower/Imperial Teen) would occasionally come in and do his laundry. I had been a huge fan of his for years, but was always too shy to introduce myself. I don't know why I'm writing about that, but it makes for a good lead-in to...IMPERIAL TEEN is back with a brand new full length titled "The Hair The TV The Baby & The Band". The new album is set to be released on Merge Records, August 21 (though according to wiki the entire album has already leaked on the internet. Not so cool. This is the kind of band that really needs people to actually BUY their records. So, if you like Imperial Teen, please buy the album properly when it comes out. And if you live on the west coast, check them out on their brief tour in September.

Sept 21 - Crocodile Cafe, Seattle
Sept 22 - Lola's Room, Portland
Sept 28 - Spaceland, Los Angeles
Sept 29 - Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco

STREAM - Imperial Teen - Shim Sham

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