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Saturday, January 13, 2007


So the guys over at MISSINGTOOF have been turning me on to a lot of new shit lately and they have suddenly become one of my favorite music sites. Not only do they have excellent taste in remix/electro/DJ what have you, but their site looks fucking awesome. Please visit them now and often.

One of my favorite missingtoof discoveries is KAVINSKY, an electrohead from France with an unmistakable influence from DAFT PUNK. Swirling in a sea of buzz with other hot acts like THE TEENAGERS, PONEY PONEY, SEBASTIAN and TEAM RECORDER, KAVINSKY is bound to make it big. Even current electro-masters JUSTICE chimed in on KAVINSKY'S MySpace page to compare the hype around him to that of THE CLASH back in the day. Now that's saying something.

My favorite blog in the universe BIG STEREO also wrote about KAVINSKY nearly a year ago when the "Teddyboy EP" was released. How do they do it? Always ahead of the game.

A new KAVINSKY EP- "1986" -will be released in March on Record Makers. And if you're lucky enough to live in Australia, check out the KAVINSKY/SEBASTIAN tour, also in March.


travis said...

thank you for being nice.

Scot said...

What can I say?
You rock.

Missingtoof said...

you guys both rock.