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Thursday, January 25, 2007

YOUNG LOVE - Too Young To Fight It

After playing the shit out of 'Discotech' in 2006 to the point that I never need to hear the song again, I think I'm ready to hear more from NYC's YOUNG LOVE when their debut album 'Too Young To Fight It' hits stores this Tuesday. The only other song I had heard before was the mediocre cover of THE GOSSIP's 'Standing in the Way of Control'. Not that it was's a fantastic song that even FERGIE could probably make listenable, but no one could give it the urgency and passion that Beth Ditto does. That said, 'Find A New Way', the first single from the new album is not nearly as catchy as 'Discotech', but it has a cool (and kinda funny) video:

'Find A New Way' - video

Young Love on Myspace
Young Love official site

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