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Monday, March 16, 2009

THE CITY AND HORSES - I Don't Want To Dream

by Matthew Dunehoo, contributor

The City and Horses, a Brooklyn band based out of songwriter/bandleader Marc Cantone’s brains, historical fascinations and affinities of The Smiths, have released an album of great pop songs on White Shoe Records. Eleven tunes here to give pleasure to you on your bicycle ride around the city this summer. Perhaps even on horseback?

This is erudite pop songcraft that’s comfortable without coming off as overbearingly scholarly or too cute to handle, hot potato. "Abigail Adams" is a most charming story about a B-side player in American history that I never knew I’d be moved to adore through song. Individual autobiographical neuroses and private torment regaled lovingly on "Russian Military Badges":

“She felt so nice I only washed my hands twice.”

Cantone’s projected his influences into indelibly lyrical guitar fidgetry, tasteful lush arrangements augmented very crisply by the sax, backing vocals and woodwind efforts of Domenica Fossati and Nicole Cotton. Bassist Joshua Siegel and drummer Chuck Palmer round out the core unit that’s become City and Horses most regular and talented lineup.

The production of the record breathes well with each song individually, meaning when the record rocks, as it certainly sometimes does, it’s not out of context. When it lilts, it’s right there on the tip of your nose like a milkweed.

Pastoral-punk may be the dominant feel. Nerdy-sexy-cool pop music; the likes of which there shall never be enough done like City and Horses have done it. A sincerity seems to pervade the album that in the end, on the meta-tip, may be the record’s most winning feature.

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