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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Atlas Sound is the side project of Bradford Cox, front man for Atlanta band Deerhunter, who made a big splash in 2007 with their stunning psychedelic album “Cryptograms”. On a brief hiatus from his work with Deerhunter, Cox is prepping his debut LP for Atlas Sound – “Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel”.

The new LP finds Cox continuing his sonic journey through atmospherics and hypnotic anti-lullabies. Though, unlike Deerhunter, Atlas Sound’s recordings are a solo effort. Cox recorded everything himself onto a 4-track recorder, with some guidance from Brian Foote of Nudge. These songs, with titles such as ‘Quarantined’, ‘Recent Bedroom’ and ‘River Card’, are melancholy ruminations on topics such as children suffering from AIDS, the death of his aunt, and a lonely Puerto Rican boy abandoned by his mother and orphaned by his father. By all accounts, “Let the Blind Lead…” seems a very personal project.

As a lonely teenager himself, Cox spent a great deal of time listening to krautrock records and bands like Sonic Youth, The Stooges and Stereolab, influences that are very present in Deerhunter’s work. But with Atlas Sound, Cox seems more inspired by say, Brian Eno – delay effects, electronics and subtle layers – a more soothing, therapeutic sound than the blistering distortion of “Cryptograms”.

Cox has assembled a full band to accompany him as he takes Atlas Sound on the road in February. Fleshing out the band will be Brian Foote, as well as Adam Forkner, Stephanie Macksey, Honey Owens and Perry Ferall. The tour kicks off in Athens, Georgia on February 16th and wraps in Los Angeles in March.

The debut full-length album “Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel” will be released February 19th via Kranky Records.

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Atlas Sound - River Card (music video)

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