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Monday, October 01, 2007

RADIOHEAD - "In Rainbows"

According to,
"Radiohead have made a record.
So far, it is only available from this website.
You can pre-order it in these formats:
Discbox and download."

Radiohead are always ahead of the curve and with their brand new album "In Rainbows", they are looking to change the face of the record industry. The new album will be available to download DRM-free beginning October 10th and you can pay what you want for it. what you want! Essentially the band is taking the whole album leak idea to a new level and making it their own, asking buyers to pay what they believe the album is actually worth. This unprecedented strategy will be followed by a deluxe discbox version in December, as well as an actual CD release in early 2008. reports that the discbox version "will feature the new album on CD and double-vinyl, as well as a second disc with seven additional songs, photos, artwork and lyrics. The materials will be encased in a hardback book and slipcase." This all comes for the steep price of around $81.00, but you can basilcally get the digital version for free!

"In Rainbows" tracklist:

"15 Step"
"Weird Fishes/Arpeggi"
"All I Need"
"Faust Arp"
"House of Cards"
"Jigsaw Falling Into Place"

"In Rainbows" bonus disc tracklist:

"MK 1"
"Down Is the New Up"
"Go Slowly"
"MK 2"
"Last Flowers"
"Up on the Ladder"
"Bangers and Mash"
"4 Minute Warning"

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