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Monday, March 26, 2007


I haven't much to say about the show since after waiting an hour and a half in line until almost 1:30 in the morning (and I was on the guest list), I gave up and went to a bar to get drunk. The scene outside Studio B was utter chaos! You would have thought Madonna and Prince were doing a double bill inside. All who had bought tickets online and those who were on the guest list had to wait in a sluggish line that almost wrapped around the block. NOT COOL AT ALL!

But, since I was so excited about this show and have nothing to report, check out These Rocks Pop for a taste of what was experienced on the inside of the club on Saturday night.

Please Studio B, have your shit together this Saturday, as I really don't want to miss LO-FI-FNK, DATAROCK and THE PRESETS.


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