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Friday, March 02, 2007

YOUNG LOVE Live at the Bowery Ballroom

THE SKY REPORT was supposed to interview YOUNG LOVE for the website, but things didn't exactly work out. All in all though, I think it's for the best. After attending his show at The Bowery Ballroom Wednesday night, I've determined that Young Love may be a bit too mainstream for what I intend this blog to be.

That said, the show was solid, very tight (almost too much so), slick, energetic, flawless light show, etc., etc. The problem is, it all came off as too perfect. Every gesture perfectly timed to lighting cues. Choreographed opening of a jacket, nod of the head, raise of the arm, closing of a jacket, and so on. Get me?

And it even felt at times like the screaming 18 year-old girls in the front may have been planted there for effect. Whatever the case, the crowd was on fire, loving every second of the dance pop extravaganza...and I admit, I had a great time.

It intrigues me though, upon discovering how Young Love wrote all the songs on an acoustic guitar, how they became the over-produced radio-friendly pop songs they are now. I couldn't stop thinking about this throughout the show, as it was not at all what I expected.

But, a great time was had by all and I am fairly certain success will ensue on a big level. Who am I to judge?

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