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Monday, December 04, 2006

New Music 2007 - COURTNEY LOVE

"How Dirty Girls Get Clean", the second solo effort from Madame Love, will be released in early 2007. And I for one, cannot fucking wait. All music pretentions aside, am I the only one who has ever listened to Courtney's catalogue into the wee hours of night with a 40 and a pipe, loving every fucking second of her unabashed, wailing soul? And with that I include her 2003 solo debut, "America's Sweetheart". Sure, sometimes she sounds like a maimed mule, worn down by the everlong trips up the side of the Grand Canyon, but she's never fake. Never false. Never unashamed.

Courtney, like Cher, will never go away. So get used to her. She is one of the few cockroaches in pop culture that demands to be seen, heard and spoke of. In a sense, dear Courtney is immortal.

Word is, Love has collaborated with BILLY CORGAN, DIRTY PRETTY THINGS and THE DEAD 60s on the new record.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You called her all of a cockroach, a mule and cher. HOW RUDE

Her new book actually looks good.