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Saturday, December 16, 2006

JULIETTE & THE LICKS: Kicking Sex Back Into Rock N Roll

Why aren't JULIETTE & THE LICKS bigger than they are right now? Not to say that what they're doing is in any way innovative, but they do bust out solid, hook-heavy rock songs that, in a better world, would amount to at least a handful of hit singles. Their recent singles "Hot Kiss" and "Sticky Honey" are pure rock'n'roll fun, not to mention sexy as all hell.

Could it be a backlash stemming from lead singer Juliette Lewis' fame? Maybe her Scientology involvement, or her wacky drug days, or just the memory of movies like "Evening Star" and "The Other Sister" are what keeps shying listeners away. But to all of that, I don't care. This chick puts on a amazing live show.

I caught JULIETTE & THE LICKS a couple of years ago when they played Cafe Du Nord, one of the greatest tiny venues to see a band in San Francisco. Juliette had the energy of a crack-smoking lightning bolt and the set was nothing short of awesome.

Do yourself a favor and check out the goods.

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