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Friday, November 21, 2008

GRACE JONES - Hurricane

Like Halley's Comet, that crazy, disco-reggae queen from outerspace has finally returned and I have to tell you, I'm pleasantly surprised with the results. Hurricane is Grace Jones' first proper album since 1989's Bulletproof Heart. Not only does the new album maintain Jones' dynamic art-disco sensibilities, but it actually sounds remarkably fresh when compared with many original releases by younger artists today. I'm certainly not alone in my love of Hurricane, as Pitchfork just bestowed a 7.5 rating for the new album, describing it as, "Jones taking charge as one-woman wrecking crew but, more surprisingly, occasionally ratcheting things down to an introspective and intimate level as well."

With a little help from Tricky, Brian Eno, and Sly & Robbie, Hurricane is a hugely rewarding listen, particularly for Grace Jones fans. But with all the production wizardry present on the disc, it is Jones who is unmistakably perched in the driver's seat. On the stand out track "Williams' Blood" Jones sings of her family heritage over a grinding, dramatic beat. The track has an epic feel, but also comes off as sexy and soulful, a combination that perfectly marks the return of a true artist.

Hurricane is available now as an import in the US. You can get it here.

Williams Blood - Grace Jones

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