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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


"The Present is the new music project of legendary New York musician and producer Rusty Santos (Panda Bear ‘Person Pitch’, Born Ruffians ‘Red Yellow & Blue’, Animal Collective ‘Sung Tongs’). Described by one band who worked with him as a hyper boy genius, Rusty has always fixed his attention on producing music that is experimentally rich while remaining accessible. By attempting to create music that arises unconsciously through improvisation, The Present’s debut album ‘World I See’ hauls this ethos over its shoulders as it tramples on musical boundaries and preconceptions, whilst leaving an album that is still capable of relating musically and emotionally to a wide audience."

Some really awesome, experiment tracks are streaming now at myspace. World I See will be released October 7th via LOAF.

The Present - World I See (link removed)

World I See tracklist:

1. Heavens On Ice
2. World I See
3. Love Melody
4. Symbols On High
5. Africanized Beatniks
6. The Hunt


Me Like Good Music said...

Stopping by to show some love to a fellow music lover. I admire and am inspired by lovers of music...especially those willing to step outside the mainstream and remain true to themselves. Stop by and visit sometime.

Much respect to you and best regards,
Me Like Good Music - The Source for Underrated Music

Anonymous said...

This link is wrong. It is really obviously the link that the label have provided for journalists and the like to download from. It is password protected. Did you even listen to this release?

Scot said...

I apologize about the link. It was password protected, but I was under the impression that the link would work once I unlocked it with the password. But I find the suggestion that I don't listen to the music I post about here, both shocking and outrageous.

Anonymous said...

No, thank you!