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Monday, February 19, 2007

MALAJUBE / SNOWDEN at The Mercury Lounge


MALAJUBE definitely stole the show at The Mercury Lounge Sunday night. Their set was very layered and complex and lead singer Julien Mineau has a wonderful charisma onstage, singing in a French rock n roll fervor. I wasn't really expecting to be so impressed with this band, so I was pleasantly surprised.


I had really went to see the headliner SNOWDEN who were also really good, yet sound issues plagued lead singer Jordan Jeffares' performance. It was such a shame, because he was clearly giving a lot, but his vocals were too muddled into the mix. The highlights were an inspired cover of THE ZOMBIES' classic "Time of the Season" and the standout track from Anti Anti, "Black Eyes".

All in all, pretty good show.

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