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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Be The Riottt! - THE PRESETS

THE PRESETS had a lengthy sound issue, delaying their set by a good 35 minutes or so. Julian Hamilton, the singer/keyboardist half of the Aussie electro duo, was visibly frustrated and it almost started to feel like the show wasn't going to get off the ground. Luckily, the over-stressed soundman in the Polk Room eventually figured out how to get Julian's mic working, because what ensued was the talk of the festival.

A nonstop new wave dance factory, THE PRESETS delivered, slamming through the sinister pop of "Are You the One?", the funked-out electric "Kitty in the Middle", and the electro-nostlagia of "Girl and the Sea". The duo literally had the room jumping with the infectious neo-rave anthem "I Go Hard, I Go Home". For a second I felt like I had been teleported back in time to the hottest underground party in San Francisco circa 1989.

For a duo comprised of a drummer and a keyboardist, I was amazed at the energy and sound these guys created. The crowd was nearly epileptic in it's show of affection, as sweating 20-somethings poured out of the room at set's end, spilling euphorically back into the Civic Center's brightly lit corridors of beer vendors to chat about what just occurred.

To Be Continued...METRIC...

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