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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Best of 2009 - Guest List - Callers

As a precursor to our impending year-end list, we've asked some of our favorite artists to select their five favorite releases of 2009. Today we have Sara Lucas, lead singer of Western Vinyl band Callers. Callers have toured with Here We Go Magic, Glass Ghost, and have the luxury of a 7.8 rating for their debut album on The band has just completed their follow-up, due early-mid 2010 and from their performance at our last showcase, we're really excited about this release. Sara's not above it all, though. In fact, she of all the contributing artists here, is by far the most meticulous. She hit me up multiple times to make adjustments to her picks. This, I love, and fully respect! Here are Callers' well thought out picks:

Light Asylum -
As of yet they are "unreleased"- it's only a matter of time. Shannon and Bruno are incredible. I saw them live this summer and it was one of the best shows i've seen in New York. Shannon is also in A Rose Parade and toured with !!!.

Here We Go Magic - Here We Go Magic
Some of the most original songwriting and transcending live performances. Not categorizable and always gorgeous.

Dark Dark Dark - Remix 7" - (check out Snow Magic from Blood Onion Records/Supply and Demand Music, 2008) These are remixes of songs off of their full-length, Snow Magic, released last year. Lovely people, lovely music. Look out for the film, "Flood Tide," (for which they compose the music and act) filmed during their Swimming Cities of the Switchback Seas days.

Tim Wehrle - Howler, self-released LP, vinyl only
Also goes by the name Blonde Ramone. Lives in Burlington, IA and makes beautiful art. I've been listening to his music for years.

Stagger Back Brass Band - LP Pattysounds - They are an exploding circus blender of horns, accordion and drums. The writing by Patrick Farrell sounds like nothing else out there. If a filmmaker were to create a visual manifestation based on their compositions, every motion of the human experience would be encapsulated without ever digressing from their sound.

Also (there are too many!) releases from: Javelin (Thrill Jockey), Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? (Domino Sound), and Midnight Masses - Rapture Ready.


Callers at the "Secret Garden" from hoovesontheturf on Vimeo.

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