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Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Fiery Furnaces are back with the new album I'm Going Away and positive reviews are flooding in. Could this finally be the album to lift them to the next level?
"It’s probably a good thing that Jack White has so many side projects going on right now. This way he might not be offended when fans of the White Stripes realize that the Fiery Furnaces have claimed the throne as the reigning power house duo of indie rock. However, I’m Going Away doesn’t just fill in the shoes of Jack and Meg, but goes above and beyond to deliver a clever pastiche of rock genres; a musical puzzle of spunky yet post break-up recovery songs pieced together by indie-folk-punk tracks, Billy Joel piano ballads (that sound like they were produced by the Beatles), and pre-MGMT indie-rock crunch."

"The difference in this album isn't simply a matter of scaling back and dialing down eccentricities, but in the way the quartet embraces their rhythmic strengths, and subtly integrate elements from old school R&B in tracks like "The End Is Near", "Drive to Dallas", and "Keep Me in Dark" without resorting to pastiche or going against the grain of their established style." -pitchfork
These reviews, plus the new video for the single "Charmaine Champagne" have me very excited about this album.

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