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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WOLFKIN - Brand New Pants

Wolfkin are the Copenhagen duo consisting of Lars Vognstrup (Junior Senior) and Kristian Godtfredsen. The pair have created a compelling debut in the form of Brand New Pants, an album that is densely layered with complex lyrics and musical arrangements. Their sound is entrenched in 60's psychedelia with a modern twist. Check out the videos for "These Are All Illusions" and "A Vacant Heart" below.

Wolfkin play SXSW today at BD Riley's, followed by a one-off gig in Los Angeles at Spaceland on March 19th.

Brand New Pants is available now via RYKO Distribution.

STREAM - Wolfkin - These Are All Illusions

Wolfkin - These Are All Illusions (music video)

Wolfkin - A Vacant Heart (music video)

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kate said...

there's a great interview with wolfkin here:

definitely check it out...