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Saturday, April 21, 2007

HOT CHIP Bring It To Webster Hall

After lying in bed all day deliberating over whether or not to do it, I had to pull myself out of a deep and dark hangover yesterday to make my way to the sold out HOT CHIP show at Webster Hall.

I am so glad I did.

Once the five piece synth band took the stage, I immediately started feeling better. And wow, did they have a high charged audience to work with! The entire building was teaming with excitement and energy...and when the boys finally got to the ultimate crowd-pleaser "Over and Over", I thought the floor was gonna fall through.

The highlights for me were definitely the hypnotic version of "No Fit State" and the closing outrolude cover of "Sexual Healing".

I was bummed to miss TUSSLE's set, as they are a fantastic live band that I caught in San Francisco a few years ago when they opened for ERASE ERRATA. Did anyone see them? How were they?

P.S. There is something extremely wrong about the bartenders at Webster Hall...


Eduardo Osorio said...

I can't believe they played Sexual Healing. I requested it on Thursday and Al gave me a "Yeah, right" and of course didn't play it. I need to hear that song live.

Scot said...

It was a very short rendition, but welcome indeed.